The Closeness Between the Kitties

Oh my lady Gaga, I forgot to take photos of the construction, I promiss make that up tomorrow: )
Shanzy, a stray cat which was picked up in the mountain. Joe planed to call him Shanzi, however we thought it was a little bit awkward-sounding, so Shanzy it is, and the generic name is Shanzy Zuo( Zuo is the last name of Joe ).
Xiao Sir, she was the forth one to get here, so she is named as Xiao Sir. We get her from the family of the worker who transported sand for the hostel, they had another nest of cats, so they gave her to us. She is quite a shy one, used to hide herself in a broken house for some time, only got out when she was hungry in the morning. Shanzy got to know her with time, and got her here. And like the fairytales, they live a happy life ever after.

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