Merry Christmas(3)

British girl Amaelia has a nice figure which makes her quite sexy. I always wonder don’t she feel cold in this season? However, I still cannot memorize her face. I only know she is an English teacher at Wuxi with Jonathan’s brother Adam.

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3 Responses to Merry Christmas(3)

  1. Steve says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful, looks incredible in that dress. Wish i could have been there and taken that picture. 🙂


    monica Reply:

    Hahah!!!Welcome to Gubeikou Great Wall.


  2. Damon says:

    What’s nice is they removed the reiaongl ban, so now anyone can play Janryumon 3 (on PC or even android/iphone mobile) if they can navigate the registration. There is a wiki starting up here with some information and translations, please check them out for all further questions: If that doesn’t work, just google janryumon guide and you’ll be able to figure it out from one of the early results, especially if you have rikai-chan installed to help you out.For people with direct-x errors: Janryumon is incompatible with IE8. That means you need to upgrade to IE9, or remain at IE7. When you upgrade there are two versions if you have a 64-bit processor. 64-bit and 32-bit. You must run 32-bit to install the active-x controls for the Janryumon clientNot really feeling motivated to do another guide for JRM3 since people are working on this, the reiaongl ban is now off (no proxy/vpn needed!), and with rikai-chan even if you don’t know Japanese you should be able to figure it out (especially if you have a working understanding of katakana and hiragana which is quite helpful if Japanese-related things are your hobby and only takes a couple weeks to learn).


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