Away from Beijing, the sky turned into light blue from gray, and the air started to get clean. After arriving Gubeikou, the sky turned into deep blue and the air was totally fresh. I took some deep breathe on the road and then felt the dirty air from Beijing was all gone. So happy I was that I started to sing. It felt to be like quite a long time to leave this little village even I was away for just a few days.
Wangyue gave me a book, “Wanderings and Chattings” of Xichuan. I couldn’t help to read it on the bus. I just wished the bus would never got the destination and let me finish the book first. I told Wangyue this was fabulous book. It made me want to find out my diary and review the memories I am gonna forget. I started to feel the charm of India where I was once obsessed about again. She said if I could also share my feelings about India if I had time. That would be nice, I think.
Lily told me the singer I once liked was in her bar. She came home to see her parents. I used to have lots of words for this singer, however now I could come up with nothing.
These are the books I’m reading recently. I think they’re worthy to have a try.

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