Who have you met?

Sometimes we would meet really funny people, or even delightful, such as Sean Wilson. This time he took his 11 years’ son to the Great Wall. Last time he brought his elder son who was tall and quiet. At that time the hostel was still totally a mess. And 3 months later, he just kept talking how enormous the changes are.
I took them to the Broom Hill Great Wall, just to find out that Sean is such a naughty and curious big boy. He kept running around, which made me telling him to watch out. He saw Fiona got tired and then carried her backpack, and gave her a hand when she had trouble getting on the stairs. It always makes me feel safe to travel this man. We got to the General Tower very quickly along with Sean’s laughter. I intended to take them to the 24 eyes’ Tower, but Fiona felt tired, so we got back. It’s really wonderful to have this man’s accompany.
Working in hostels, we have to get used to saying goodbye, parting friends we like, saying farewell to the people playing with us. The faces we used to know well get not that clear any more. However, there are still times we realize that long time ago, we know these fellows.

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