I was waked up by the knocking sound of Lin, and then we went to take photos of the sunrise. I walked to the Great Wall almost unconsciously. Lin is a professional photographer from Singapore. He came here specially to take photo of the Great Wall. He got extraordinary pictures of the full moon hanging upon the Great Wall, so he was so excited that he decided to take photos of the sunrise. His friend was still lying in, so I had to go with him. Unfortunately, on this part of the Great Wall, he cannot take good photos of the sunrise shining on the Broom Hill, Jinshanling and Simatai, cause we were too far away. But he still said that it was also beautiful. Sometimes I feel that photographers are good at discovering beauties.
That’s the moon shinning over the Chao River when we just started.

Later on, the eastern sky turned into pink.

That’s when the sun was coming out.

The mist was present all over the mountains, just like in the fairytales.

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