Chinesebox Gubeikou Greatwall Hostel is located in north-east of Beijing. It is within easy walk of Wohu Shan Greatwall (10  minutes), Panlong Shan Greatwall (20 minutes).

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  1. Diana says:

    Do you know approximately how much it costs to take a taxi from Beijing Airport to Greatwall Box? Thanks!


    monica Reply:

    Hi, Diana. It almost takes around 600RMB to take a taxi from Beijing Airport to Greatwall Box. I suggest you take the subway to get to Dongzhimen the take the 980 bus to Miyun, and then take the Mi 25 bus to get here. This will only cost you about 50RMB.


  2. Juani says:

    Hello! I want to go next monday! Do you know any bus (train?) from Tianjin that can take me there? Thank you!!!


  3. Avinash says:

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  4. Monika says:

    We are so sorry to hear of your mothers panssig. She was a good neighbor. Earl knew her before we moved to Seymour,when they both worked for the City of Knoxville. If we can do anything for you please let us know. Our prayers are with each of you. Sh


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