I was waked up by the knocking sound of Lin, and then we went to take photos of the sunrise. I walked to the Great Wall almost unconsciously. Lin is a professional photographer from Singapore. He came here specially to take photo of the Great Wall. He got extraordinary pictures of the full moon hanging upon the Great Wall, so he was so excited that he decided to take photos of the sunrise. His friend was still lying in, so I had to go with him. Unfortunately, on this part of the Great Wall, he cannot take good photos of the sunrise shining on the Broom Hill, Jinshanling and Simatai, cause we were too far away. But he still said that it was also beautiful. Sometimes I feel that photographers are good at discovering beauties.
That’s the moon shinning over the Chao River when we just started.

Later on, the eastern sky turned into pink.

That’s when the sun was coming out.

The mist was present all over the mountains, just like in the fairytales.

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Three Eyes Well

Here’s a picture of the three eyes well. Back in Qing Dynasty, the emperor came over here on his way to Chengde in summer. He saw many people queuing, so he sent his courtier to see what was going on, and it turned out that they were getting water from this well. The courtier got water from the well to the emperor, it actually tasted differently. Now no one gets water from here anymore. I once had look into the well, however I got nothing.

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China: Great Wall(Copied from Trip Advisor)

Here is the link to information about this world famous icon.

Great Wall of China
There are several segments of the Great Wall which are opened for tourists. There are particulars to each section, some are in better shape than others and may be easier to climb, others offer cable cars, trolleys, zip lines or toboggans. Here is a list of some of the segments that are currently opened for visitors:

Badaling: was the first section to open to the public about 50 years ago. It is also the most popular and very crowded and has been completely restored. There is a cable car to help you up the wall.
Mutianyu: a bit further out but less crowded. Also fully restored, offers a cable car and a chair lift to get up or down, and a toboggan slideway to get down.
Simatai and Jinshanling: About 2.5-3 hours from Beijing. More remote, less crowded and in a more “natural” state. Conditions are rougher than the above sections and it may be unsuitable for persons prone to vertigo because of its unguarded sheer drops where some crenellations have fallen away. There are cable cars at both sites and Simatai has the option of a zip-line descent for the more adventurous. Trekking can be done from Jinshanling to Simatai and vice versa.
As of June 17 2010, SIMATAI section is CLOSED because of renovation work which is expected to last two years. Check the Beijing forum for updates concerning hiking trips from Jinshanling and ability to get off the wall before reaching Simatai.
Huanghuacheng: once considered the “wild wall”, used to be the closest you could get to the “genuine” wall within a short distance from Beijing. This section is undergoing some restoration and the village now has a number of commercial facilities for visitors. The reservoir here is a pleasant place to walk around and particularly suitable for anyone who wants to see the wall without actually walking on it.
Juyongguan: closest to Beijing and the most recently opened section. Although most tour buses still go to Badaling, a number stop here and it is also quite busy. This section is stepped and a steep climb.
Xiaoheikou: the oldest great wall section in China first built in Qi dynasty in Liaoning province. Xiaoheikou Great Wall is considered to be the most authentic Great Wall of China which has been untouched by man for thousands of years.
Jiankou : this section of the wall is not officially opened to the public, it is steep and can be dangerous because of its ruinous state.

Due to Simatai great wall be strangely closured, resulting in a large number of tourists flock to Jinshanling, and there always and recently some leadership want to visit so often has to be shut out visitors. recently went to the Jinshanling and ran into a similar situation. But fortunately, the good news is that there is a mountain at the great wall and the Sleeping Dragon Tiger (Gubeikou great wall —Panlongshan, and Wohushan ), nearby Jinshanling great wall, so suggest that you visit. Cheap tickets here, only 25 RMB, Not many tourists, but is a bit short, so a little bit, only 4 km in length. no fix, sometimes dangerous, please be careful.

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